Factors Affecting College Enrolment of Cor Jesu College for Academic Years 1992-2008

  • Benedicto Norberto Veneracion Aves, M.A. Professor, Arts and Sciences Department, Cor Jesu College
Keywords: academic programs, enrolment factors, income and tuition elasticities


The study mainly sought to determine factors affecting college enrolment of Cor Jesu College for academic year 1992-1993 to academic year 2008-2009. Specifically, it wanted to establish growth and levels of enrolment of the school as well as its income and tuition elasticities. The study proposed two models to explain the variation of college enrolment. The first model showed per capita income, college-bound population, tuition, academic programs and major course offerings as predictors of first semester enrolment. Data from the Nursing Department and Weekend College were excluded because of tuition differential. The second modelĀ used the same set of predictors as found in the first model except tuitionĀ in order to accommodate data on enrolment, academic programs and
major courses from Nursing and Weekend College. Using the mean, the average first-semester college enrolment was, 1,784 students and its average annual growth was a negative 1.3 percent. The computed tuition elasticity was negative 0.89 and typical income elasticity was a negative figure. Using multiple regression analysis, the study found that per capita income and college-bound population were significant predictors of the first model and only academic program was the significant predictor of the second model.

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