Teachers’ Caring Behavior and Students’ General Achievement Goal Orientation

  • Jingle S. Navarez, MAEd. Guidance Counselor, Integrated Basic Education Department, Cor Jesu College
Keywords: achievement, goal orientation, high school, teachers’ caring behavio


The study determined the significant relationship of teachers’ caring behavior and students’ general achievement goal orientation. The standardized instrument Teachers’ Caring Behavior Survey measured the caring behaviors that teachers manifest to students, while the survey of Students General Achievement Goal Orientation measured the educational goals of high school students. Results revealed that the level of the high school teachers’ caring behavior was rated moderate in terms of anxiety reduction, willingness to listen, rewarding good behavior, and appropriate use of criticism while only the category being a friend showed low rating. Students exhibited highly motivated goals in the categories mastery goal, performance goal, and social goal. Per year level analysis reveals insignificant difference on teachers’ caring behavior to students’ general achievement goal orientation. 

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