The Cor Jesu College Research and Publication Office (RPO) advocates a dynamic research culture and encourages active literary and scholarly work among the faculty, staff, and students of Cor Jesu College in the context of contributing to the overall development of its community, particularly in the province of Davao del Sur and in the entire island of Mindanao in the Philippines. The RPO will act as a coordinating body for all research and publication undertakings in the institution.



    Slongan is the official research journal published by the Research and Publication Office (RPO) of Cor Jesu College. Slongan is a B’laan word for treasure chest where one puts important documents, memorabilia, and other precious items for safekeeping. Like a slongan, the Center considers this publication a fusion of researches in the difference academic disciplines essential to the continuing development of higher education. However, unlike treasures in a slongan, these researches will not be kept but will be disseminated in the most applicable method determined by the center.

    The articles published in the journal are peer reviewed. RPO and its network of experts in the region works through a publication process to ensure the readability and replicability of the published research papers. Through the Slongan, RPO commits to its mission of generating knowledge to improve the human condition and facilitate transformative education and development.