No Signal: Social Media Marketing Challenges in Academic Libraries


  • Marjorie T. Jorillo Librarian, Cor Jesu College
  • Maria Lorena M. Abangan Librarian, Cor Jesu College


Library and information science, Social media, Academic libraries, Phenomenological, Philippines


The growing underutilization of library resources and services has prompted colleges and universities to apply marketing strategies like social media to keep libraries relevant and responsive to their stakeholders' needs. This phenomenological study aimed to explore librarians' challenges and strategies in marketing academic libraries in the Davao region using social media. Data were gathered through key informant interviews with nine librarians who were purposively selected based on the study’s inclusion criteria. Results showed that social media marketing has become a trend among libraries and entails challenges. Five themes emerged: accessibility, no clear social media marketing plan, lack of user engagement, additional tasks, and issues and concerns in library social media. Librarians used common marketing strategies such as orientation and instruction and cited innovative strategies and best practices in promoting their library through social media. Lastly, librarians have gained insights in marketing academic libraries using social media, presented into four themes: enhanced library image, improved library services, gaining new skills, and developing a sense of responsibility. To further strengthen social media use in academic libraries, librarians are urged to formulate and intensify a social media marketing plan as a basis for future library social media marketing activities.


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